Impectron is a specialist importer and distributor of a wide range of unique healthcare products, home and daily living aids and innovative mobility products.

We are continuously sourcing cutting edge technologies and unique products to distribute via our divisions Impectron Healthcare, Healthcare Innovations and Aussie Fleece.

Our focus is on quality, performance, value and service.

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Impectron Healthcare source products from all over the world to sell into pharmacy and mobility sectors. We specialise in innovative products to assist the elderly and disabled as well as a range of Aqueous B.P. creams.

Our products are available from retail pharmacies throughout the UK through our partners Sigma Pharmaceuticals PLC, one of the UK's largest independent pharmaceutical wholesalers.
Impectron Healthcare
Healthcare Innovations is the name behind unique and innovative products for all markets but particularly the healthcare sector. Our portfolio consists of products for both mass and niche markets.

Healthcare Innovation’s distribution channel is mainly consumer focused. As well as sourcing products ourselves we encourage inventors to approach us with their prototypes or samples to see if we can work together.
Healthcare Innovations e-commerce website
Aussie Fleece provide the highest quality Australian medical fleece products in the UK. Sheepskins have been used for years to help prevent pressure sores which can lead to painful infections and ulcers.

Our sheepskins can be washed at very high temperatures and cool tumble dried. These specially selected fleeces with high density wool fibres are extremely comfortable and support the body whilst allowing the air to circulate.
Aussie Fleece website


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